Healthy Pet Recommendations

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Annual Physical Exams

Annual physical exams are the most important service we offer.  Since our pets age 7-10 times faster than we do, it is vital to have a doctor evaluate your pet’s needs for vaccines and other preventive measures every year.  The testing and other procedures the doctor may recommend will help keep your pet as healthy as possible for as long as possible.


Your doctor will make recommendations for the vaccines needed for your pet based on a variety of factors including age, exposure risk, medical problems, general health etc.  All puppies and kittens still need standard vaccines (Distemper/Parvo, Feline 3-in-1 and Rabies) at 3-4 week intervals and then boosters one year later.  Bordatella and Feline Leukemia vaccines may be recommended depending on your pet’s exposure.  Most vaccines will need to be done every 1-3 years, with the exception of Bordatella which is recommended every 6 months for dogs with high exposure.  Vaccine antibody titers are also available.


Heartworm testing is recommended on a regular basis even if your pet is getting monthly preventative medication.  Our staff can advise you about when your pet should be tested.

Feline Leukemia and Aids virus tests are recommended regularly for cats at risk due to exposure.

Fecal testing is recommended annually.

Blood and urine tests are an important way to monitor your pet’s internal organ functions.  Senior pets and pets on long term medications may need these tests more frequently.  Our staff can counsel you on what may be recommended.


Many types of worms and other parasites can easily infest your pet.  Heartworm disease is prevalent in Sonoma County and all dogs should be on regular preventives.  Some intestinal worms can be passed from your pet to you and your family.  Fleas and ticks can be prevented with effective topical treatments.  Please speak to a staff member for more information on how you can protect your family and your pet.